Ane Brun - Halo 

Beyonce’s was a triumphant R&B anthem. Brun’s is tender, stripped-down and wraps around your chest. (

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Chris and Thomas You’re The One I Want

A folk-pop duo that drenches its Americana sound in rich harmonies. This is from their 2007 release, Land of Sea, which also yielded ‘Broken Chair’ used in a Google Chrome commercial.

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Joshua Radin “Underwater” The title track from his 4th release, Radin came up with the first melody lines for his new album underwater, after discovering it was only under the waves that he could escape the constant noise resulting from his punctured eardrum. He should swim more often because this is a sublime set. (Sunday Mercury) Via


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First Aid Kit ’Winter is All Over You’ Astonishingly potent harmonies from a pair of Swedish sisters who have said “We aim for the hearts, not the charts”

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James Vincent McMorrow ‘Follow You Down To The Red Oak Tree’ Ireland’s answer to Bon Iver who’s influenced by Sufjan Stevens and Band of Horses. The result: achingly beautiful

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